I used to have a URL for BehaviourDesc however I have decided to consolidate all my ramblings between work and personal - therefore the bxd.sc blog is here. You can see my about page [[About des cooke]] or [descooke.me](https://descooke.me/) # [[The paradigm shift staff go through no matter what industry]] This paradigm shift is such that once people get on board they cannot see that they previously saw the world any other way. In their eyes the experience just backs up their formerly existing viewpoint. They cannot remember their belief was different because currently they cannot accept they ever felt any other way. # [[Sleep Issues and Extinction - An experience]] I fundamentally disagreed in the past with one element of ABA which has led me to write this and other blog posts. I felt the things I was being shown missed the fact that we are in a relationship. Don’t bark at me - I am now an ABA student and having now met better practitioners I am, over 20 years later, on side. Continue reading → # [[Ignore the bad behaviour - reinforce the good]] This may be the most common phrase people have heard when asked about behaviour management or Applied Behaviour Analysis - ABA. It seems to make sense so it bolsters people’s belief that they understand the point. However most people are either misinformed, misunderstanding the complexities or are missing their own human bias # [[DRO - No thanks, I’ll have the coffee]] DRO - Differential Reinforcement of Other behaviours. This type of system is considered outdated, as stated on the course I am studying. In the history section we hear about how the industry / sector / discipline has moved through many states, I am sure it will continue and I am only going to mention one transition here. # Gerhardt, 2012 “Adaptive behavior competencies will get you through times of no academic skills; better than academic skills will get you through times of no adaptive behavior competencies.” (Gerhardt, 2012) # Mark Dixon Those tangible things we dangle in front of you, once you become verbally sophisticated, don't seem to necessarily always govern your behaviour in the ways predictably people hope they would. This is not just opinion it is something we have known for 40 years in Behaviour Analytic Research. Once people start talking those whole reinforcement schedules thing do not necessarily work. # Miles Cooke Anger is a form of energy. It cannot be destroyed, merely converted. In the case of humans anger transfers from one person to another. # [[On the taking of the Exam]] There are clear guidelines about not divulging any content of the exam itself however for those of you aiming to do your exam in the London option I feel a few pointers may assist you with your travels and preparations.